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Indie Maker Icons

Icon Design

A preview image of an indie maker themed vector icon set called Indie Maker Icons.

Indie Maker Icons is an indie maker themed icon set that I designed in 2022.

An indie maker is someone who builds projects utilizing a range of their own personal skills, such as design, web development, marketing and copywriting.

The indie maker community has its own set of unique concepts and terminology, such as "build in public" and "solopreneur". I felt it would be interesting to distill some of these concepts into simple, fun vector icons.

This was my very first attempt at designing an icon set. I created the icons in Adobe Illustrator and leaned heavily on Dima Groshev's Medium article, Design principles for creating the perfect icon set, to create a cohesive and effective set.

You can download the Indie Maker Icons set for free over on my shop.