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A preview browser image of a website called 80/20 Cooking.

Project background

A brief summary of 80/20 Cooking and the inception of this project.

80/20 Cooking is a four week home cooking course created and run by the talented Myles Snider. Myles is a professionally trained chef with a passion for teaching and home cooking. His 80/20 Cooking course provides students the fundamental and hands-on cooking knowledge needed to confidently prepare delicious and healthy meals at home.

I connected with Myles shortly after he launched the course and as he was preparing for the second cohort. Myles hired me to build out an 80/20 Cooking brand identity, re-design and develop the course landing page and design course material assets.


  • The 80/20 Cooking brand and landing page needed a more professional look and feel to match the high-quality curriculum and positioning of the course

  • Myles felt he was not capturing as many leads as he could due to friction in the conversion flow


  • Level up the course brand and landing page with clear, polished and delightful design

  • Increase conversion of leads and course sign ups

  • Match the professional look and feel of the marketing assets with enhanced visuals for the course content
A preview browser image of the plan cards for a website called 80/20 Cooking.


The research phase of the project involved analyzing online course businesses similar to 80/20 Cooking that had strong designs and followings, as well as assessing which web platform to utilize for the landing page.

Both Carrd and Framer were assessed as viable and low-cost options, with Framer ultimately winning out as the platform of choice for the site. The ability to simultaneously design and develop in Framer as well as for Myles to have full content editing control were the main draws.

Design process

Myles and I worked together in an asychronous and iterative fashion which allowed us to create a tight feedback loop and make progress quickly.

The first phase of the project was to dial in a logo and brand identity. I presented two logo concepts to Myles, then iterated on his favorite until we landed on a final design that we both felt great about. I also worked with Myles to define the colors, typography and visual style of the brand, and created vector illustrations to be used across the website, social and other marketing channels.

A screenshot of multiple 80/20 Cooking logo versions and iterations within Adobe Illustrator. The 80/20 Cooking logo over a background of a beautifully prepared beets dish. A vector icon pattern of cooking related objects (lime, steak and cast iron pan).

From there, we jumped into the course landing page design. I designed a few sections in Figma to get a feel for the style and structure, then moved the project into Framer to continue designing while simultaneously building things out.

I provided Myles with a live link to the Framer build, which allowed for continuous and rapid feedback. The full brand identity, landing page design and Framer build out was completed in 1 month, giving Myles plenty of time to launch and promote the second 80/20 Cooking cohort.

A vector icon pattern of cooking related objects (lime, steak and cast iron pan).


With the significant enhancements made to the brand identity and landing page designs, Myles was able to increase number of leads generated per month by 35%. He now has a solid foundation to build upon as he grows the course, and can easily update content on the 80/20 Cooking landing page for future cohorts.


increase in
leads generated
per month

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